New item

I will be the first to admit that I did not come up with the idea for this image! A client wanted me to make something similar. She wanted me to look for a stock photo. No clue where to even start there. So I decided to gather my things, pry the iPad out of my toddlers hands, and take this image of my own stuff. I think it turned out pretty good. The purpose of this image is so that you can use it for Instagram or Facebook, whatever you want. I can change the words to accommodate your needs and will be selling it for $15

E-mail me at for more info!hiring flyer{ Please try to ignore the pixel perfect logo all over this! I had to do it so no one steals it }


Apples and Oranges

Many clients come to me with a very clear description of what they want for their new logo. I make exactly what they want, and they end up not liking it and we go a totally different route. Happens every week. I actually enjoy working through these situations with my clients. Here is an example of what she thought she wanted vs. what we ended up with.


Her vision was sunflowers and a mason jar, she even picked out that font! Both are darling logos and I wish her the best in her business! I would totally get my things monogrammed here with that gold/coral/pink logo. That is one of my favorite color combinations.