Wedding Freebie!


Download this FREEBIE for your upcoming wedding. Contact me to get custom colors or to add your name to the bottom (ex: Love, Michelle & Loren)

This is a 5×7 card that can be used at the guests tables. Print on card stock paper or place in a frame for some decor.

Download HERE


New item

I will be the first to admit that I did not come up with the idea for this image! A client wanted me to make something similar. She wanted me to look for a stock photo. No clue where to even start there. So I decided to gather my things, pry the iPad out of my toddlers hands, and take this image of my own stuff. I think it turned out pretty good. The purpose of this image is so that you can use it for Instagram or Facebook, whatever you want. I can change the words to accommodate your needs and will be selling it for $15

E-mail me at for more info!hiring flyer{ Please try to ignore the pixel perfect logo all over this! I had to do it so no one steals it }

Apples and Oranges

Many clients come to me with a very clear description of what they want for their new logo. I make exactly what they want, and they end up not liking it and we go a totally different route. Happens every week. I actually enjoy working through these situations with my clients. Here is an example of what she thought she wanted vs. what we ended up with.


Her vision was sunflowers and a mason jar, she even picked out that font! Both are darling logos and I wish her the best in her business! I would totally get my things monogrammed here with that gold/coral/pink logo. That is one of my favorite color combinations.


These designs were given as proofs and not used. I thought they were really great so I thought I would share them here to inspire anyone who is looking for an amazing custom look for their business.

E-mail me for more info   —->

sweet teez

This logo is the perfect logo for an online boutique, kids clothing store, photography business, etc. If you want a fun, bright and whimsical logo to represent you and your brand, this is the perfect choice.

save the date pp

I love the colors on this invitation. This can be turned into the perfect invite for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, etc.


Customize this logo for your business or blog! The letters can all be changed and the fitness graphic can be removed.


This whimsical logo is perfect for an Etsy shop!


Customize a logo like this for your bakery!

Crossfit Danville Logo2

It’s as easy as changing the city name and date established…. A design like this could be yours!


This could be the perfect logo for a boutique or blog.